Suppressed doesn’t mean people can’t hear the weapon. So, why did we make a 300 Blackout SD?

What is the most iconic weapon , that was suppressed, and functionally silent at distances? That would be the HK MP5SD. By design, the TPM-P5SD can take 115g, 124g, 147g 9mm supersonic ammo and run it sub-sonic. Did you notice I listed the grains of the ammo? We call that a clue….


What is 5.56 service ammunition weight? 55g? 62? See how small and light these bullets are? The 5.56 round gets it lethality from it’s speed. Not it’s mass. So…when you take a 5.56 round and run it sub-sonic-suppressed, the results are not impressive.


But 300blk? Suppressed, subsonic? 220g? That’s a thumper at room distances. The TPM-P5SD is a CQB – room distance weapon. The TPM-53SD is a suppressed, super-short, super-lite, 300blk TPM-P5SD style weapon is building on THAT legacy.


Both the rifle and the cartridge used were developed in close co-operation with American Special Operations units to create a suitable and effective replacement for the HK MP5 and similar close quarters combat weapon systems. Despite the weapon being integrally-silenced, it can be made even quieter by using 14.26 g subsonic .300 Blackout ammunition.


SKU: 0003
    • TPM Properly rolled and welded upper receiver with the finest attention to detail with Integral receiver top 1913 picatinny rail
    • RCM Free-floating 16-flute cold hammer forged barrel
    • Tungsten filled sear-ready bolt group
    • Anti-rattle magazine release
    • 25, 30 or 40 round curved detachable magazine (based on availability)
    • Fixed length stock (A2 SBR)
    • Sights: Rear rotary drum; Front hooded post
    • Fully parkerized with HK Black KG Coat on final finish